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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Safe In His Arms

It is now in this season
the one I love the most
my thoughts turn to you

traveling winter roads

to touch your hand

kiss your cheek

to somehow ease

your pain

the ache

of my own heart

whispered I love you's

echo down lonely halls

the moment silenced

by the drifting snow

outside your window

poetry shared,
scriptures read

with quiet laughter,
we marvel

 as distant february sun

glistens on snow covered fields

I watch

the twinkle in your eyes

a peacefulness

a rest in the dissolve of winter

the day  draws cold

in this the bittersweet sting

of Victory 

Oh blessed mother of mine

this is my sweet season of you


copyright 2005-2010
written in loving memory of my mother
February 12, 1980


Sara said...

How beautiful. I love the picture with the orange scarf. XO

Gayle said...

That's beautiful, Donna