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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Locker Buddies

A casual front yard chat , hugs for an old friend

We discover neither had changed much

although much had changed

in the forty years since we stood

side by side locker by locker

exchanging notes, notes about boys,

dances, cheering, dreaming of life, love;

a place where raw emotions

 were somehow eased

by the slamming of old gray lockers

we giggle high school giggles.

She takes my hands in hers

offered careful examination, explaining detection

of those nasty ugly  gray and dull cells 

the life-threatening ,  invasive type.

In less than fleeting moment

her  deepest pain, groans  real and exposed  

then just as quickly returns to its rightful place
hands squeeze hands


It was there under summer’s sultry sky

an old friend and I , woman to woman, mother to mother,

locker buddy to locker buddy


we did our best to live  our  wildest dreams, deepest passions,

greatest joys and most enduring loves

slamming the ole gray locker one last time

giggling a high school giggle.

Written for my high school friend, Vicky Bourquin
April 3, 2013 
day # 3, NaPoWriMo 

1 comment:

Diane said...

I love this; it takes me to that place I always go when my oldest and dearest friend in the world and I talk. It can be days or years and the feeling is always the same. Thank you for sharing your creative heart with us. Your writing never fails to bless me; what an incredible talent you have! I love you, my sister, my friend!