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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Winters of Youth

it fell last night
the first delightful 
dusting of snow.
wrapped snuggly warm
behind pane of glass
I watch
snowflake upon snowflake
playfully descend
awakening fond memories of 
mittens ,
the latter most assuredly filled
with double socked feet 
prepared to contend with
the onslaught of season's change
or occasionally find themselves
snug in perfectly laced figure skates, 
set down on  frozen river, 
white against icy white
eager to glide freely until
 frost bitten rosy red cheeks,
call one home.
whimsical and unforgettable, 
 those care-free days
of youth and  innocence
 drift ever so gently 
into the quiet places of aging heart
 sparkling, shimmering, magical
as winter’s  first  snow.

1 comment:

Paul said...

Morning Donna,

Again, it is good to have found your blogs again! Both blogs have blessed me this morning.

I remember the snows in upstate New York, Salisbury Center, NY, where I lived for seven years where I graduated from Pinecrest Bible Training Center, now know as Bethany Bible Training Center.

Have not really seen a lot of snow here in Georgia or even in Texas.

Thanks for writing, for sharing, that which is written on your heart, for it does touch others!

Blessings my friend,

aka The Mayor :-)

aka The Mayor :-)